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Restoration Activities
The restoration of Strawberry Creek and its watershed is an ongoing process. Campus faculty, staff, and students regularly monitor water quality and habitat in an effort to characterize and guide restoration efforts.


The Strawberry Creek Restoration Program

The Strawberry Creek Restoration Program began in 1987 and coincided with the adoption of the watershed management plan (Charbonneau). The goals of the program were prioritized at the time to focus first on identifying harmful discharges from the Campus, then eliminating these inputs, with the hope that native fish species could be successfully re-introduced to the Creek.

By the early 1990's and after much work to repair and reconfigure both sanitary sewer and storm lines, water quality was sufficiently restored to allow the planting of the Three spined stickleback, the Sacramento sucker, and the Roach minnow. The offspring of these initial populations live in the Creek today.

With water quality controls in place, focus then turned to restoring the three designated Natural Areas on Campus (the Grinnell, the Goodspeed, and the Wickson) as described in the Daily Cal clipping linked below. These areas, through lack of resources and neglect, had become heavily invaded with ivy and other non-native vegetation that suppressed the biodiversity that once existed within the riparian zone of Strawberry Creek.

The Strawberry Creek Restoration Program thrives today due to the donated labor and funds of Cal students, staff, and faculty as well as alumni and Campus neighbors, all of whom share a love and interest in a restored and vital Strawberry Creek watershed.

To join the effort, send an email to: tpine [at] berkeley [dot] edu indicating your interest and you will be added to the official UC Berkeley Strawberry Creek listserve. Once added, you will receive notice of upcoming restoration activities and events.

June 14 Sustainable Infrastructure Walking Tour [15.8 MB pdf file]
Newspaper article,"Five Campus 'Nature Areas' Designated", The Daily Californian, 1969
A History of Strawberry Creek, Part I; A History of Strawberry Creek Restoration, Part II
Report: Native Plants Recommended for Use at the U.C. Berkeley Along Strawberry Creek, Pacific Open Space, Inc., 1988[ 2.09 MB]
»  English Ivy Removal
»  Native Fish Reintroduction
»  Department of Fish and Game California Salmonid Stream Habitat Restoration Manual  [ 6,753 kb ]
Trees of the Berkeley Campus, Robert Cockrell, 1976 [24 MB pdf]
Creek Restoration Activities Documents
Job Safety Analysis for weed removal, trash pickup, native plantings and similar activities
Tailgate Safety Checklist Form for creek activities
Grinnell Natural Area Native Biodiversity Restoration Project

Grinnell Handout With Plant List (December 2008 update) [130 KB word file]
Urban Restoration: An Outdoor Classroom for College and High School Students Collaborating in Conservation. Purcell, A. H., Corbin, J. D., & Hans, K. E., Madrono, Vol. 54, No. 3, pp. 258-267, 2007 [1.06 MB pdf file]
GK-12 Program [link to website]