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Strawberry Creek Management Plan

In 1987, in response to campus and community concerns over the deteriorated environmental quality of Strawberry Creek on the UC Berkeley campus, the campus Office of Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) sponsored a comprehensive study of the creek. The results of the study completed by Robert Charbonneau were published in December 1987 as the "Strawberry Creek Management Plan" (1987 SCMP).

Implementation of the 1987 SCMP significantly improved water quality in Strawberry Creek, as evidenced by the successful reintroduction of locally native fish species to the creek in 1989 - the first resident fish population in the creek in approximately 100 years.

1969-82 Management of the Central Campus Natural Areas
  1982 Committee on Conservations and Environmental Quality DraftReport of the Task Force on the Manaement of Nature Areas on the Centrl Berkeley Campus (827 KB pdf file)
  Recommendations for the Future Development and Uses of the Campus Ecological Study Areas (date unknown, 770 KB pdf file)
  1970 March 10 Landscape Architecture Advisory Subcommittee Report of the Task Force on the Management of the Ecological Areas on the Berkeley Campus (387 KB pdf file)
  1969, August 26 Daily Cal "Five Campus Nature Areas Designated" (238 KB pdf file)
»  1987 Strawberry Creek Management Plan
  Full Document [ 6,937 kb ]
  Chapter 1:  Executive Summary [ 19 4kb ]
  Chapter 2:   Introduction [ 428kb ]
  Chapter 3:  Creek and Watershed Description [ 3,211kb ]
  Chapter 4:  Environment Assessment [ 1,698 kb ]
  Chapter 5:  Management Strategies [ 860 kb ]
  Chapter 6:  Implementation [ 47 kb ]
  References   [ 174 kb ]
  Appendix A:  Baseline Water Quality Data [ 128 kb ]
  Appendix B:  Comparative Water Quality Data [ 132 kb ]
  Appendix C:  Native Riparian Vegetation [ 55 kb ]
  Appendix D:  Impact Assessment Criteria [ 36 kb ]
»  2006-08 Updates to the Strawberry Creek Management Plan
  Strawberry Creek Water Quality- 2006 Status Report
  Strawberry Creek Hydrology- 2006 Status Report
  Strawberry Creek Biological Resources- 2008 Status Report
  Strawberry Creek Geomorphology- 2006 Status Report
  Strawberry Creek Geology- 2006 Status Report
  Strawberry Creek Education and Outreach- 2006 Status Report