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Strawberry Creek Fund
The Strawberry Creek Fund supports the restoration of Strawberry Creek and its watershed through habitat and water quality improvements, including monitoring, education, and direct program and project implementation.

Why Give
Each year more than 3,000 UC Berkeley undergraduates take courses, ranging from biology to engineering, in which the creek plays a central role. Countless community school groups also visit the campus and use the creek as an outdoor teaching tool. Beyond its role in education, Strawberry Creek is a resource valued by the entire campus community.

By giving to the Strawberry Creek fund, you are helping to advance Strawberry Creek’s educational and research potential as well as contributing to an ongoing restoration program that began in 1987. Please browse the Strawberry Creek website to gain a better understanding of the progress that has been made to restore and enhance this invaluable and beautiful resource, as well as the challenges and opportunities that still await.

How to Give
Donate Online Make an Online Gift to the UC Berkeley Strawberry Creek Fund at :

Donate by Mail
Send Checks payable to the “Strawberry Creek Fund” to: Photo of Egrets Feeding in the Creek

UC Berkeley Strawberry Creek Fund
University Relations
2080 Addison Street #4200
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720-4200

Remember that donations are fully tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. You will receive a receipt documenting your gift in the mail for tax purposes.

Future Projects
Following is a brief list of programs that your contribution will help support:

»  Restoration in partnership with community groups
»  Automated water quality monitoring stations
»  Habitat restoration
»  Native plant re-vegetation
»  Educational and interpretive signage
»  Bio-engineered water treatment systems

The UC Berkeley Strawberry Creek Environmental Quality Committee (SCEQC) is a committee established in 1987 comprised of UC Berkeley faculty, students, and with staff expertise in creek ecology, tasked with guiding the campus’ restoration of Strawberry Creek. The SCEQC sets priorities for Strawberry Creek projects and will guide fund allocation.