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Strawberry Creek is a major landscape feature of the University of California, Berkeley, and was one of the primary reasons the site was chosen in 1860 as the location for the campus. More than 3,000 university students, and many elementary and high school students from surrounding communities, use Strawberry Creek each year as a resource for education and research.
Photo of Egrets Feeding in the Creek

Strawberry Creek is home to a growing number of native animals and plants due to a restoration project started in 1987. Fish, newts, egrets, banana slugs, crayfish, and small creatures such as mayflies, water striders, and snails are now common.

This Strawberry Creek website serves as the principal and current source for environmental news and monitoring data for the creek on the Berkeley campus and is a repository of electronic files of historic reports. It is intended to serve as a resource for teaching and research and for the general public's appreciation of this historic natural resource.

We hope that the information on this site helps you discover the diverse sights and sounds of the Creek, and enhances your next visit to the campus.



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June 2014
Reinventing Stormwater A Tour of the UC Berkeley Campus Sustainable Water Infrastructure


Annual Rainfall

22.1 "
(5/23/16 update)

Total rainfall

(rain year July to June )

(rain data source: Balance Hydrologics 800 Bancroft Berkeley http://www.
com/raingage/ )

2013-14 total = 13.60"

2014-15 total = 18.08"

Average UC Berkeley campus yearly rainfall = 24.387 inches (1886 - 2006 Geography Dept. McCone Hall records)

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