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Maps and Photos
Strawberry Creek on UC Berkeley Campus  
 UC Berkeley Natural Areas and Strawberry Creek  
 UC Berkeley Grinnell Natural Area map  
Strawberry Creek North Fork map  
Strawberry Canyon LIDAR  
Strawberry Canyon Bypass historic plans (25 MB pdf)  
 Botanical Garden  
Strawberry Creek Watershed Map I  
Strawberry Creek Watershed Map II
1875 Map of Strawberry Creek Watershed
1911 Sanborn maps showing creek "dry in summer"
 1923 East Bay Creeks and Hayward Fault
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Creek Map

Vegetation Maps

Strawberry Creek Vegetation maps are located in the Biology/Plantae section of this website at

Photo of sunset
»  1962 UC Berkeley LRDP photograph
»  Bus Washing Demonstration
»  Creek Art
»  Creek Cleanup 2000
»  Creek Cleanup 2001  
»  Creek Fish in Aquarium  
»  December 18, 2005 - Large Storm  
»  Egrets Feeding in the Creek  
»  English Ivy Removal  
»  February 25, 2004 - Large Storm  
»  Fish Pics  
»  Hydraulic Oil Spill Cleanup  
»  Native Fish Collection  
»  Native Fish Reintroduction  
»  Stickleback Fry  
»  Storm Drain Stenciling  
»  UC Berkeley Storm Drain Marker  
»  Upper Watershed  
»  Young Fish Fry - May 2003