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Water Quality

Degraded water quality from over a century of urbanization was one of the main problems that led to the creation of a Strawberry Creek Management Plan in 1987 and subsequent restoration program. By the 1980s, the creek water quality was so poor that City of Berkeley health officials advised against direct contact with the creek because of sewage and chemical contamination. While conditions on the campus have improved substantially, discharge of urban pollutants to the San Francisco Bay continues to impair water and ecological habitat quality. Water quality impairment is therefore major concern for campus scientists and planners who continue to work on methods to reduce the introduction of pollutants into the creek.

This page contains historic and current information and data on Strawberry Creek water quality, including links to campus water and weather monitoring stations.

Current Conditions:  Real-time Monitoring
»   EH&S Weather Station
»   EH&S Hydrological Monitoring Station- UNDER CONSTRUCTION COMING SOON

Historical Data and Reports
»  Strawberry Creek Water Quality- 2006 Status Report
»  1987 Strawberry Creek Management Plan Chapter 4:  Environment Assessment
»  1987 Strawberry Creek Management Plan Appendix A: Baseline Water Quality Data [ 128kb]
»  1987 Strawberry Creek Management Plan Appendix B: Comparative Water Quality Data [ 132kb]
»  Coliform and e-coli data- April 2004 to November 2005 [ 35kb]
»  December 2011 Stanley Hall Diesel Spill page with reports (link)
  June 4, 2013 Fire Hydrant Break movie [31 MB Quicktime file]

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Data
»    Municipal (UC Berkeley facilities operations)
»    Construction (UC Berkeley construction projects)

»    San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board (Jan Null)