Hazardous Materials

Most people know that hazardous material spills such as oil, gas, and chemicals are a significant hazard to wildlife and human health. Even so, spills go undetected or are not reported.

Case in point:

Stanley Diesel Oil Spill, December 2011

  • A diesel generator was being refueled
  • The spill detection system failed
  • 1,650 gallons of diesel oil overflowed from the diesel tank and spilled into the basement of Stanley Hall
  • 850 gallons of this oil made its way into the storm drain system and into Strawberry Creek
  • 8 hours passed before anybody reported the spill!

By the time EH&S was notified, most of the diesel had already made its way to the Bay, which made cleanup much more difficult. The University spent over $1 million on cleanup costs and fines.


What you can do:

Report a hazardous spill immediately! Call (510) 642-3073

A hazardous materials spill may be happening if you:

  • smell gas or a chemical odor (ignore the gingko trees)
  • see a sheen on the water’s surface
  • see lots of suds on a non-storm day

Don't know? Call us anyway!

What UC Berkeley is doing:

  • Regular staff training
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs) for all applicable construction sites
  • Upgrading creek monitoring stations to include oil spill detection and an alert system


How do I dispose of waste?


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